New Segmentation updates allow quicker insights into your data

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Segmentation is used by SaaS companies to see far beyond the global SaaS metrics for their business, and gathering insights which lead to a more informed growth strategy.The Segmentation features in ChartMogul see another set of updates today, helping you build customer segments with on-the-fly previews of different parameters.

These segment parameters are populated with data using one of three methods:

– Manually, in the ChartMogul UI
– Automatically from Clearbit
– From anywhere else, using the Enrichment API

Today you’ll see a couple of improvements to the way we present these parameters when you’re building your segments in ChartMogul — specifically for the industry parameters populated from Clearbit.These updates mean that you can more easily build and save segments that matter to you, by giving you quicker, relevant insights into customer data.




photo CC by Conor Lawless



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