The fall of the unicorns brings a new dawn for water bears


techcrunch.comLast year was a big year for unicorns. According to Venture Beat, there are now 229 unicorn startups, with $175 billion in funding and $1.3 trillion in valuation. In 2015 alone there were 81 new entrants crowned as the legendary beast.

However, the glory did not last. We are starting to see the first signs of a tech slowdown. CB Insight reported startups raised $27.3 billion globally in the fourth quarter of 2015 — $11.4 billion less than what they raised in Q3 2015.

We are also seeing a major dip in mega-financing rounds. There were only 38 deals with more than $100 million in financing in Q4 2015 compared to 72 deals in Q3 2015.




photo CC by 姐夫 吳


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