Totango Summit: 5 Heads of ‘Customer Success’ Share Lessons Learned

0 – During Totango’s annual Customer Success Summit, leaders who manage Customer Success teams and tech vendors whose software products are used to facilitate customer success strategies where brought together and shared some really interesting points on the topic.

Mark Roberge of HubSpot, David Apple of Typeform, Matt Oxley of Opal Labs, Dan Adika of WalkMe, and Loretta Jones and Megan Roth of Insightly all had different, valuable lessons to share about customer success. Across these conversations, several topics emerged as important considerations as you build and evaluate your own Customer Success strategy:

Customer Success impacts revenue;

The metrics you choose to monitor will influence the priorities of your Customer Success team;

– Inter-departmental alignment around customer success can be difficult to achieve;

– Your business model will (and should) affect your customer success strategy;

– A strong customer success program cultivates customer advocacy and leads tocustomer marketing opportunities.



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