3 Important Elements of a Customer Case Study


blog.marketo.com – While case studies are a great asset for your prospects and customers, the more sales reps that know about your solution and understand how it fits in with their own, the more impact you have. How can they become an extended sales team for you if they don’t know how to position your solution well, what to listen for when speaking to prospects and customers, and what problems your solution resolves?

A case study can give all of this information and more. Consider what would resonate with you more as you’re evaluating a solution–a datasheet of facts or an actual story about a customer that used the integrated solution, detailing the initial pain they experienced and how this solution—your solution—fixed it?

It all starts with a story, that has to be clear and concise, with claimes that can be backed up with data. Read about how to enhace these three critical factors at blog.marketo.com


photo CC by Moyan Brenn


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