Trends in Operational Metrics Show Demand for Greater Insights

0 – The elevation of these SaaS metrics to board-level and Wall Street reporting legitimizes the value of SaaS metrics as a primary indicator of the health and value of a software company. Software companies want to make reporting SaaS metrics as straightforward as creating an income statement at the end of the month; yet the source data for SaaS metrics is generally not completely contained within an ERP system.

Fortunately, modern best-in-class cloud ERP systems are able to meet the reporting and insight needs of software companies. Therefore, software finance leaders are challenged to report SaaS metrics in a timely, accurate manner outside of their normal financial reporting process. By seamlessly integrating with other business systems, a cloud ERP system can centrally and automatically calculate SaaS metrics using business data from multiple systems.



photo CC by Kurt Bauschardt


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