Does this enterprise SaaS onboarding model make sense?


pixelsandclicks.netIf you are a SaaS company already selling to individual customers and SMBs how different would it be if you had to sell to enterprises?

Will you be able to fit into the enterprise IT stack, deliver the same results that you have demonstrated for your smaller users with the same basic featureset?

Or is it a fool’s errand?

Let’s find out.

To understand how different small businesses are from enterprises think about a NASCAR and an F1 race.

According to Top Gear,

F1 cars are made in labs by white coated mad scientists. NASCARs are knocked up in medieval foundries by men with mallets…NASCAR has hammers and spanners, an F1 driver can tune his car on the go…When an F1 driver brakes…his body is tormented by a force of 5g. Brake discs are made by firing carbon atoms at a cobweb of rayon…Over in NASCAR they make do with slabs of cast iron….if NASCAR is the Big Bang F1 is particle physics.





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