Is $300m ARR the New $100m?


saastr.comI know you can’t escape talk of the 7,000 Unicorns these days no matter how hard you try. The world’s gone crazy, right?

Well, maybe. Maybe. I don’t understand the negative gross margin ones, that’s for sure. But we’re SaaS folks here on SaaStr. Our revenues have their challenges, but 98% of the time, they are real, and with 75%+ gross margins. Sometimes the CACs and realized quotas are a little scary in the Unicorns, but other than that, our revenues are pretty real. And highly recurring.

What’s really going on, beyond the epic run of Nasdaq (which is half of what this is all about) … is that the bar has gone up. No one invests at $1b pre in a SaaS start-up they think will top out around $100m or $150m in ARR. Or certainly, in a start-up whose seeming ambitions end there.





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