Which SaaS companies have done some major UX/UI changes recently resulting in significant KPI improvements?


quora.comWe recently went through a complete re-design of ChartMogul (http://www.chartmogul.com).

It was a really scary thing for us to do, because our customers liked the original UI and it was working well (our trial-to-paid conversion rate was solid). The main reason for the change was to make the UI more extensible/flexible, so we could add new features more easily and make on-boarding a bit easier for new users.

When we started beta testing the new UI with a handful of customers the reaction was mostly negative, this caused us to push out the release date an extra ~6 weeks so we could address the concerns and also add some new features – so that when we released the new UI it wouldn’t be just be moving things around and changing the colours – there would be some added features also.

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photo CC by Jeff Kubina


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