Is it possible to build a million dollar SaaS company in India?


yourstory.comTech is booming in India right now, with SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in particular on the rise, thanks to the widespread growth of cloud computing. There is a lot of opportunity, but sometimes it can feel like the boom is focussed on big investments and high valuations rather than products that are already profitable. Is it possible to build a million dollar SaaS company in India right now, or are Indian startups simply chasing a mirage?

As long as you have a truly innovative idea and a dedicated team willing to bootstrap your growth, the answer is yes, it’s entirely possible. How do I know? I do, because with Agile CRM, a SaaS app for combined sales and marketing automation, we recently went from zero to a million in less than a year. While some of the specifics of our approach won’t work for everyone, in my opinion, many India-based SaaS companies in the B2B or B2C space could greatly benefit from following a similar overall approach. In fact, we did the same thing with ClickDesk, our first SaaS product. These are the core points that applied to both of our success stories:





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