The growth imperative (but beware)


sethlevine.comFirst off, a note of apology. It’s been months since I’ve posed here. Not for lack of desire – more about some combination of crazy busyness and lack of proper prioritization. I miss it and am going to try to step it up.

This is a post about the importance of growth, about the current market environment and a note of caution if the growth imperative changes rapidly to the profitability imperative.

A few months ago we held a “SaaS Summit” for about 130 people from across the Foundry Group portfolio. It was a great chance to compare notes, meet far flung colleagues (“cousins” as we sometimes refer to employees at different portfolio companies) and discuss a variety of topics effecting companies selling with a recurring revenue model. As the organizer of the event I pulled together the morning briefing to kick things off – basically a bunch of data from a variety of different sources talking about the state of the SaaS markets. There was some juicy stuff in there, but one set of facts clearly stood above the rest. At the moment, growth is THE single most important factor when considering the value of a SaaS company. Let’s start with some data and then we’ll parse through what it means.



photo CC by Ryan Hyde


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