3 Powerful Retention Metrics for Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)


newnorth.comIt’s time to crunch those numbers! One of the beauties of running a digital software as a service, is that you have access to track and create a series of metrics that allow you to get a deep view of your customers’ behavior and habits. But with so many to choose from, which ones should be on your dashboards as retention marketers? Let’s look at the following three examples and see why they matter to SAAS.

Churn Rate

We’ve written an article on how to calculate your retention rate, so you can get the math from that article. But a consistent measure of this metric is your baseline of success. There are things to note about churn rate though. First, segmentation and cohorts are very important in tracking your rates. Never track your customers as a whole. And second, finding the right range of time to review that rate can really make a difference in your ability to predict and prevent churn.

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