What we learned analyzing 40+ top SaaS landing pages


blog.chartmogul.comThis is the latest article in a series analyzing the products and websites of top B2B SaaS companies. Check out the previous article: 5 key learnings from analyzing top SaaS pricing pages

Following on from Christoph Janz’s excellent insights in The evolution of the SaaS landing page (the 1999 screenshot of Salesforce.com alone makes it worth a read!) we thought it was about time to dig deep into the landing pages of top SaaS companies, and look at the common elements that make them what they are.

For this analysis, we scoured over 40 landing pages across the web. It’s clear that web design standards and best practices, as well as advanced optimization techniques, are leading to conformity of most standard elements. However, business websites still need a way to stand out, and to market the product in new and inventive ways to the user.

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