Using Big Data Analytics For Energy Savings


sourceable.netThis means facility managers are facing increasing pressures to reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings and move to a more sustainable operating model. Throw in an ageing infrastructure, reduced budgets and rising energy prices, and it’s clear facility managers are facing challenging times ahead.

Right now, many facility managers have yet to take advantage of big data in a way that can benefit them greatly. Cost effective cloud-based storage and processing power provide increasing opportunities for facility managers to leverage the big data generated by today’s building management systems for the better. Big data analytics offer a genuine opportunity to “change the game” in the way building information is managed and decisions are made. Data can be used to reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve building comfort and save energy. When fully utilised, big data offers facility managers many advantages, including intelligent information about a facility’s operational performance and energy use that can help identify root causes and correct deficiencies in buildings.



photo CC by Anton Fomkin


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