The majority of SaaS companies have gotten customer success all wrong.


medium.comHave you?

When you hear metrics like “380% increase in upgrades from free to paid accounts”, you pay attention and raise a skeptical eyebrow.

That’s what we did.

And then, we dug in deep to figure out not just how one company did it, but to learn from the growing number of SaaS companies who are quietly using the same model today to reduce churn and grow revenue, without adding a single extra lead to the top of the funnel.

A few months ago, Wishpond, a Vancouver-based SaaS company serving over 100,000 business customers and counting, invested a single 10 day sprint in developing Wishpond Academy. This on-demand training hub on the Thinkific platform (Thinkific makes it easy to launch your own online courses) was designed for customers and prospective customers looking to learn not just what their product did, but how to do it. They already had a comprehensive support site for regular questions, but Academy was something new entirely.





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