Resource-Based Marketing: 5 SaaS Companies That Are Doing It Right


blog.kissmetrics.comWant to put your company on the map? There are many ways you can approach your marketing in order to get eyeballs and grow your business.

From press releases that result in media mentions to a great paid campaign for your social media page, and from an ad that gets you seen in search engines to a commercial on TV or an ad on a website, there is no shortage of opportunities to grow your online footprint.

A lot of people use the aforementioned tactics to build visibility. When you think about it, online marketing typically encompasses the three standard marketing components: SEO, social media marketing, and PPC. That’s your SEM (search engine marketing) in a nutshell.

Read more about the successful resource-based marketing approach implemented by high profile SaaS companies like Hubspot, Groove, Synup, Zapier, and Dropbox at


photo CC by Bert Kaufmann


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