Grow 2015: Unicorns & the Silicon Valley fundraising market


itbusiness.caWhistler, B.C. — “It’s never been easier to raise $1M for a startup in the Valley.”

Tomas Tunguz, a venture capitalist with RedPoint Ventures in Silicon Valley shared fundraising insights to a packed breakout session at Grow 2015 in Whistler today. Of note, Tunguz writes a great daily, data-driven post for startups that is well worth subscription.

On Unicorns and exits

There are over 100 unicorns right now, companies like Uber, Snapchat and Stripe driven by “inputs” – investments by angels and VCs and funds. These startups are tangible proof that money is looking for a home in Silicon Valley. A “unicorn” is a techie startup worth $1 billion or more, entirely driven by fundraising and venture capital.



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