Why Customer Success Is An Essential Part of Every SaaS Startup


tomtunguz.comIf a typical SaaS business loses about 2 to 3% of their customers each month to churn, the business must grow by at least 27% to 43% annually to maintain the same revenue.

The idea written as an equation:

Revenue Growth = Customers x Avg. Contract Value x (Growth Rate – Churn Rate)

At the beginning of a SaaS startups’ life, when the company generates $1M in annual revenue, churn in absolute dollar terms is small, about $300k for the year. This number is particularly easy to write off if the company is growing quickly, perhaps tripling to $3M in revenue next year. Fast forward two or three years to a SaaS company generating $15M per year and churn is now $5M per year. Then two or three years later that number could be $10M or $20M.

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photo CC by Chris Potter


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