Avoid a churn ‘CaSaaStrophe’: Don’t forget the service in SaaS


vcwithme.coSo you launched your shiny SaaS product. Customers are buying. You’re golden! Right? No, this is just the beginning. You sold them software, now it’s time to provide the service.

Hyde Park Venture Partners has made 18 investments over the last two years, most with newly launched SaaS products. This is what we’ve learned:

If you Google “sales funnel image” you will get lots of narrowed funnels with last stage of“purchase” or “decision”. This is a catastrophic way of thinking for a startup… a startup’s sales process needs to tie to its delivery process. We investors are often guilty of pushing sales without asking the question “then what?” Startups should think about what they do as a more complex pre-sales and post-sales funnel as follows.

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photo CC by Stuart Heath


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