Jason Lemkin Interview


saascribe.comWhen it was really tough in the beginning, what I would tell the team and the others is, “Man, if we were just doing twice as well, we’d be killing it.” And there were those like, “Ahh, we’re not doing twice as well.” Like, hold on. It’s recurring revenue. It can be done. I know you’re disappointed that we only closed ten customers this month. But what if it were 20? And when you did the math on the spreadsheet, if we had 20, we’d be building a unicorn.

Jason Lemkin is Managing Director at Storm Ventures, an early stage VC known for it’s work with SaaS Companies, as well as CEO of the world famous SaaStr blog. Jason joined Alex Theuma on The SaaS Revolution Show Podcast, available now to listen to via SoundCloud or iTunes. Below is the lightly edited transcript from the conversation.

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