12 Marketing Leaders Share Their Favorite Resources For Mastering Marketing and Growth


forbes.comIn business, if you’re not reading, you’re not learning. As an experienced entrepreneur, growth expert, and the current head of marketing at When I Work, I spend a lot of time reading essays and talking to other marketers about what is and isn’t working. It’s an essential part of my job and our ability to continue implementing new ideas, tactics, and processes that help us continue to meet and exceed our growth goals month over month.

I’ve spent over 10 years developing relationships with other people and following the very best blogs that can help me become a better marketer and growth leader. But if you’re relatively new to marketing or entrepreneurship, it’s not always easy to know where the best resources are.

Find out what are the must-use marketing resources you should use according to marketing leaders as Alex Turnbull, Jamie Quint, Patrick Campbell, and Joanna Wiebeat at forbes.com


photo CC by Chris Potter


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