Billing-as-a-service benefits beat the capex burden and constraints of in-house systems


vanillaplus.comChris Newton-Smith, the vice president of marketing at Redknee, which has just signed up US MVNO EcoMobile to its cloud-based billing and customer care solution, tells George Malim the pay-as-you-grow, success-based model is appealing to CSPs of all types.

As communications service providers (CSPs) turn to cloud-based IT, often provided on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, some are willing to trust on-demand IT to support services as business critical as billing and charging. Few of the largest CSPs are prepared to jump with both feet into the cloud era when it comes to these systems, but they are willing to engage with them to support specific offerings, or in areas of their business where the accelerated time-to-market offered by cloud systems is appealing.



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