The evolution of the SaaS landing page


christophjanz.blogspot.deWhen you look at the landing pages (or homepages or marketing sites, however you want to call them) of today’s SaaS companies, they usually look quite beautiful. They typically have a clean, simple and friendly look, with very little text and a lot of images or videos. In many cases, these websites could just as well advertise a consumer product. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since the consumerizaton of enterprise software has been one of the most important driving forces in the software world in the last years. But B2B software websites haven’t always looked like this and it’s fascinating to see how much things have changed. Join me as I go back in time and take a look at how SaaS landing pages looked like some years ago.

See how the SaaS landing page evolved, with examples from Salesforce, Basecamp, Campaign Monitor, Clio, Zendesk, Gekoboard, and Typeform at


photo CC by Alexandre Duret-Lutz


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