The Secret Ingredient To Measuring Success In Native Advertising

0 – There is no broad consensus among marketers for defining success in native advertising.

That’s not surprising since native is a significant departure from display. It requires a completely different type of creative execution, and aligns most closely to upper-funnel key performance indicators (KPIs). These engagement KPIs have been largely unachievable through interruptive advertising tactics, leaving marketers short on insights and light on delivery of actual consumer attention.

Publishers and brand marketers are beginning to mobilize around a new class of attention metrics. Time spent, for example, has risen in popularity among publishers as a barometer of the attention quality paid to content. Higher-quality attention on content, leading to more favorable brand consideration, is a standard brand marketers should demand. But the secret ingredient to measuring true engagement is a deeper set of metrics anchored to scroll activity: scroll initiation, scroll depth and scroll velocity.

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