Now You Really Can ‘Have a Nice Day’


inc.comEvery entrepreneur knows that all too often your day gets eaten up by, well, your day. Where does the time go, you ask? Often it’s spent on time-sucking activities that you could reduce or eliminate altogether. To make that happen, use these five productivity hacks to restore some sanity to your day (and night).

To avoid having your day hijacked with questions, crises, and endless emails, block out your day first thing in the morning, or even better, the night before. By marrying a to-do list with schedule blocking, you’ll ensure that you’ve set aside time to handle your most important priorities. During these periods, stay off social media and email and concentrate on the one task that you’ve blocked out. Multi-tasking doesn’t work, and any attempt to embrace it will defeat your efforts to bring organizational order out of chaos.

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photo CC by Kate Ter Haar


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