The hardships of scaling a SaaS

0 – The small & medium business (SMB) segment is a very attractive one for many SaaS founders. In the US alone there were 5.6 million SMBs in 2011 (= businesses with less than 500 employees) with 90% of them having less than 20 employees (= 5 million). In France, out of a total of 3.1M businesses in 2011, 128k had between 10 and 250 employees and 3M had less than 10 employees. Same for Germany with more than 2M SMBs.

A very common strategy, when starting on the SMB segment, is to first focus on a niche, to dominate it and to expand. If the first phase of this strategy is relatively feasible for many SaaS products, it’s a whole different story when it comes to scale it.

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photo CC by Marc Kjerland


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