Use this spreadsheet for churn, MRR, and cohort analysis

0 – Cohort analyses are essential if you operate a SaaS business and want to know how you’re doing in terms of churn, customer lifetime and customer lifetime value. Over the last 12 months the awareness for the importance of cohort analyses has grown among startup founders. One reason may be that thought leaders like David Skok have been writing about the topic, another reason is determined byweb analytic tools like MixPanel and KissMetrics that make it much simpler to create cohort analyses.

And yet, there are still many founders who are having difficulties with cohort analyses, be it with the collection of the data or the interpretation of the results. With that in mind, Christoph Janz has created a simple cohort analysis template for early-stage SaaS startups.

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photo CC by Craig Chew-Moulding


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