How an $11B SaaS Company Measures Churn


tomtunguz.stfi.reAs I prepared the S-1 analysis for ServiceNow, the third largest public SaaS company in the world, I came across a section in their latest annual report called Key Factors Affecting Our Performance in which the company describes the two ways they evaluate churn. One is common, but another is unusual. Below I’ve quoted their definitions.

Upsell rate. To grow our business it is important for us to generate additional sales from existing customers, which we refer to as our upsell rate. We calculate our upsell rate as the annualized contract value, or ACV, of upsells, net of losses during the period, divided by our total ACV signed during the period. The upsell rate was 36%, 31% and 30% for the years ended December 31, 2014, 2013 and 2012, respectively. Our upsells are primarily derived by an increase in the number of seat licenses purchased by our customers and are also derived from the addition of other subscription services.

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