SaaS Model Sees Strong Growth in Canada

0 – What Hootsuite, Shopify, FreshBooks and Lightspeed have in common? These brands are all Canadian and are proudly representing some of the biggest names in the SaaS industry.

For SaaS companies, small businesses seem to be one of the key markets. Around a quarter of Canadian small businesses are using SaaS products to run their businesses, according to survey conducted for Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks and Quicken accounting software. Of those businesses, 69 per cent state that they are using cloud-based software and apps on a daily basis. The numbers are not quite as high as in the US, where around half of small businesses use at least one mobile business app, but still…

But while Canadians may be a little bit behind when it comes to adopting SaaS products, this is not the case when it comes to making them. Some of the biggest names in SaaS are Canadian and the SaaS business model is seeing growth around the country.

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photo CC by Alex Indigo


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