By the time you’re at $2-3M in ARR, you need a VP of Sales

0 – For most SaaS startups, the VP of Sales (along with the VP of Marketing) is one of the most important hires to make. Unless you have a no/low touch sales model and you’re growing virally (a.k.a. you’re successfully hunting flies or mice), somebody has to build a scalable sales organization, whether it’s an inside sales team (a.k.a. hunting rabbits or deer) or a field sales team (a.k.a. hunting elephants).

But this is not an easy hire. Jason M. Lemkin explained in this post that one of the things that directly influence whether you are hiring the right VP of Sales, or not, is when you decide to do it. If you try to hire your VP of Sales too early, at $500k in ARR, best chances are that you’ll not get the best one. Why? Because a great VP will most likely not leave his or her current position at a successful SaaS company, which pays him or her hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, to join your tiny startup.

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