Startup Studio eFounders Grabs $6 Million To Build 6 New SaaS Startups

0 – French startup studio eFounders has just received $6 million to build and launch a new series of SaaS start-ups. The investor is Fotolia’s co-founder, Oleg Tscheltzoff.

Until now, eFounders’ portfolio showcasts a release of five startups that are now independent — Mailjet, Textmaster, Mention, Front and Aircall. Pressking has been sold, and two other startups are in the works — Illustrio and Tipi.

After the current funding round, the company plans to launch 6 new startups over the next 18 months. The usual process implies that eFounders finds a founding team that it matches with the right idea and offers further support, best practice, and access to various internal tools. 

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