Why Subscription Business Models Will Transform Every Industry


venturebeat.com – “In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen, 2011


What Marc said then is even truer now. Three years later and you can see the results of the software transformation across essentially every industry. Look at what technology has done for (or to, depending on your perspective) the publishing industry, for example. We’ve moved from reading hardcover books and daily newspapers to consuming bestsellers and today’s headlines on apps and e-readers. And that’s just a slice of this. A tiny one. It can’t be disputed — software’s eaten the world, and as such, so has the software business model. Software used to be packaged up in a box and shipped out to buyers, or purchased on a disc and loaded onto a computer. Now software is sold on a subscription basis and the term “SaaS” is in just about everyone’s vocabulary.


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