SAAS Metrics for Fundraising

0 – As investor requests pile up, the fundraising process can sometimes feel like a never ending series of fire drills. Having been through the process a few times we’ve created a list of the most common requests that we’ve seen from VCs. If you are at an early stage and planning to fundraise, it should help you pre-empt the chaos, especially if like Intercom you are a SaaS company.


This is not a guide on how to engage a VC or how to create a pitch deck. Its intent is to help you get your house in order before a VC comes knocking with questions. While the exact composition of each of these metrics will be different for every SaaS business, it’s nearly guaranteed that all of these data points, in some form or another, will be on any serious investor’s lists of requests. You’ll typically see all of these requests prior to a term sheet. If you don’t, not to worry, you will get them during diligence.


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