Building the $Billion SaaS Unicorn: CEO Guide for Scaling

0 – Moving from an entrepreneur to an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Elevate Ventures, (Where much of my time is spent mentoring early stage companies to be successful) I wanted to translate my successes into actionable advice for startup teams. So I began looking at research that either followed my experience or disproved the challenges I had seen in starting and growing companies.

Initially I focused on understanding the differences between my successful ventures and unsuccessful ones.
This led me to really embracing the Lean startup methodology espoused by Steve Blank and his Lean Launchpad approach which he wrote about in the Startup Owners Manual and has made a standard within the National Science Foundation for commercializing technology.

But, in a Venture Capital world that is obsessed with growth, recurring revenue and Software as a Service, after you validate that you have a solution that people are willing to pay for, there is an entire new world ahead of you in scaling that venture. For many, this involves an entirely new language and set of metrics to manage the business.

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